Big Four Ice Caves Trail

Trail No. 723

Elevation Gain 250' - 7 miles roundtrip

FEBRUARY 11, 2007  - A Mountaineers snowshoe tour.  This snowshoe hike begins where the Mountain Loop Highway is closed for the winter.  It is an easy hike to the Big Four Ice Caves trail head, where there is a nice sheltered picnic area that gave us some welcome relief from the rain.  From the picnic area, it was just a short hike to where the bridge over the Stillaguamish River used to be.   The bridge was destroyed by the severe storms that hit our area during the fall.  At the picnic area, several bold Steller's Jays begged for handouts and provided brilliant flashes of blue against the snowy backdrop.  While we were resting in the shelter, an avalanche roared down the Big Four Mountain that we were able to see and hear  from our safe vantage point.  I did not bring an umbrella, and many of my photographs were ruined by raindrops on the camera lens.  Lesson learned!