Boulder River Trail

Trail No. 734

Trailhead Elevation - 950'

NOVEMBER 18, 2006  - A Mountaineers hike.  The date of this hike fell in between storm systems, so although we had several storm systems in November 2006, it was cool, dry, and partly sunny for this hike.  We didn't see much of the sunshine, though, because these woods are deep and dense.  The trail travels along the Boulder River through a magnificent old growth forest, past three beautiful unnamed waterfalls within the first 1 1/2 miles of the trail. Boulder Falls itself is heard but not seen, other than a glimpse through naked trees during the winter and early spring. 

Several trees were blown down during the recent storms, including one that blocked the road about 1 mile from the trailhead, and several large trees that we scrambled over, through, and under.  About 1/2 mile past the last third unnamed falls we encountered a series of downed trees that prevented us from hiking any further, so we returned to the third falls for lunch.