Cal Magnusson Trail

Pinnacle Peak Park

Elevation 1801' - 2 miles roundtrip

FEBRUARY 10, 2007  - A solo hike for my first hike of the year.  It was a nice, spring-like day when I hiked this short but steep trail through old growth forest on one of the "Enumclaw Blobs."  The name of the trail has been called Mount Pete, Mount Peak, and Pinnacle Peak.  Harvey Manning was adamant in his book Walks & Hikes in the Foothills & Lowlands that it is called "Mount Pete."  However, whatever it may have been called in years past, it is now a King County park, Pinnacle Peak Park, and is clearly identified as the Cal Magnusson Trail.  That being said, this is a small gem of a trail that is easily reached and easily hiked.  It makes a quick hike with some elevation gain when you don't have time or favorable weather for a more serious hike.  Near the summit hexagonal columns protrude and give a clue as to the origin of this stand-alone peak.