Cape Alava

Coast Cleanup

APRIL 25 -26, 2008  A Mountaineers backpack.  The weather was picture perfect for this backpack trip to Cape Alava and the 2008 Coast Cleanup.  After setting up camp, we sat down to a dinner of grilled brats and pork ribs.   A short walk on the beach and a long time spent watching the sunset ended the day.  A gang of raccoons visited our camp around 4 a.m.., but although they made a lot of noise, they did no damage.  There's much to be said for keeping a clean camp!  In the morning we walked north from Cape Alava to pick up four bags of trash and a large styrofoam float.  We were heavy laden with our overnight packs and our gleanings from the beach on the hike out.  A long 3 miles later, we reached the Ozette Ranger Station and headed home.