Cowiche Canyon Trail

MARCH 20, 2010  So many people signed up for the Cowiche Canyon hike last week that I led it again this week.   It was another beautiful day for this hike in Cowiche Canyon, and this was an interesting mix of hikers.  We had birders, wildflower aficionados, a geologist, and others who just wanted to hike in the sunshine.  The trail extends 3 miles through the canyon with side trails leading to the uplands on one side and a winery on the other.  We hiked the canyon from end to end and the winery trail this week.  We did not see the lovely grass widows, sagebrush violets or yellow bells on this hike, but balsamroot was growing along the canyon floor and in profusion above.  We had lunch in a rocky area near the winery, where Mt. Adams was the focal point, and everyone enjoyed the generous sunshine.  We made a brief tour of the vineyard and a couple hikers slipped off to the tasting room for a few minutes, where they came back with bottles of wine that they had to carry in their packs for the remainder of the hike. 

8 miles, 450' gain