Double Bluff

Whidbey Island

JANUARY 15, 2006 - Mountaineers / Naturalist hike.  This was the first nice day of the new year, a perfect day for a beach hike at Double Bluff on Whidbey Island.  Many of the participants were avid birders who brought binoculars and scopes and graciously shared them with the group.  Through these we were treated to unforgettable close up views of loons, bald eagles, seals, and even a  sighting of an American Kestrel.  There were many bald eagles flying and roosting in the trees above the bluffs.  The bluffs themselves were amazing, formed of twisted layers of sand and silt, rising in places more than 300 feet above the shore.  There are two large beds of peat in the lower reaches of the bluff, and small chunks of peat lay scatter below.   

3 miles roundtrip - no elevation gain.