Dungeness Lighthouse

Dungeness Spit


APRIL 12, 2009  A Mountaineers CHS hike on the Dungeness Spit.  Even Sequim, nestled in a rain shadow on the Olympic Peninsula, had a 100% chance of rain and strong winds on this Easter Sunday.  Wanting to make it to the lighthouse by low tide, we left Seattle at 6:15 a.m. with low expectations for the day, having resigned ourselves to a long, rainy slog on the Spit.  We donned raingear at the trailhead in anticipation of a soggy hike and after a volunteer cautioned us not to step on the newts, we set off through the woods.  In addition to red-flowering current in bloom, we saw a dozen or so of the little brown newts as we hiked down to the beach, and it didn’t take long for our initial apathy to wear off.  We made short work of the 5-mile hike to the lighthouse, enjoying the beach and peeking over the driftwood at the forbidden side of the spit from time to time.  The water on that side of the beach was as calm as glass, and dozens of birds—including at least 1 bald eagle—were making themselves at home in the safety of the wildlife reserve.  The lighthouse volunteers included seven-year-old Oliver, who led us on a tour of the lighthouse.  After a short lunch break, we headed back along the beach.  The rain held off until the final half mile, and even then it was barely more than a sprinkle. 

11 miles

200’ gain (including the stairs in the lighthouse)