Eagle Creek Trail

Columbia Gorge - Oregon

Trail No. 440     

MARCH 19, 2006  - A lovely hike with my daughter Rachel.   This trail along the Eagle Creek on the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge is one of my favorite hikes.  What's not to love about a long trail with a gentle grade, a beautiful evergreen forest, many spectacular waterfalls, sheer cliffs and a deep canyon?  It was early in the season, and this was Rachel's first experience with serious mud on a hike.  As we climbed over a small mudslide on the trail, I heard her behind me exclaim gleefully:  "Mud!"   Some people are intimidated by the sheer cliffs where the trail is very narrow, but we did not experience any fear or other problems.  We turned around at 4 1/2 mile bridge--just shy of tunnel falls where the trail goes behind the falls--so we could be back in Seattle by 5:00 pm.