Ebey's Landing


APRIL 3, 2010  A Mountaineers BWT hike.  In a trip report that Karen Sykes once wrote for the PI, she compared the view from Ebey's Landing to the stuff of poetry.  I had to agree with her on this spring day--we had been snowed out of our original destination, Barclay Lake and found the marine climate more to our liking.  The trail along the bluffs suited my preference for hiking on ridges and had much to recommend it:  sweeping views and soaring bald eagles that repeatedly circled not far above our heads.  We hiked the trail from the cemetery, across the prairie and counterclockwise along the bluffs, down to the beach and back up to the prairie.  The wind was brisk, the views were grand, and the beachcombing was pleasant. 

5 miles

250' gain