Eightmile Lake

Trail No. 1552

JUNE 19, 2010  The weather forecast called for a 60% chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms after 11:00, but we left the worst of the gloom behind us as we drove through Stevens Pass.  The grey skies made landscape photography difficult, but the color of the wildflowers seemed more vibrant for it.  The trail climbs steeply for 1/2 mile through a burn area, where sun-loving wildflowers are in bloom.  Although I missed a few species that I saw on my hike here in 2007, most of my favorites and some unknown varieties graced the woods with their presence.  On one rocky, south facing slope, Tweedy's Lewisia draped over, between, and around rocks and fallen trees high above our heads. 

We stopped for a few minutes at Little Eightmile Lake, then hurried to beautiful Eightmile Lake for a leisurely lunch.  After eating, we spent some time exploring the rocky shores before turning around.  A light shower started as we left Eightmile Lake, but it was short-lived, and soon the sky cleared and the sun shone through.  Eightmile Creek and its tributary streams are running fast and high right now. 

Wildflowers in bloom included:  trillium, arnica, lupine, sticky currant, serviceberry, Tweedy's Lewisia, Nootka rose, cat's ear, Hooker's fairy bells, paintbrush, yellow violets, Lewisia Columbiana, tall bluebells, borage, lousewort, and several species I did not recognize. 

7  miles

1350' gain