Fragrance Lake ~ Lost Lake

Larabee State Park ~ Chuckanut Mountain

JUNE 7, 2009 A Mountaineers CHS hike.  Time spent with people you enjoy can turn an ordinary hike into a great one, and this hike to Fragrance and Lost Lakes is a case in point.  Ordinarily, this is a hike I would do in the winter or shoulder months, when mountain trails are still snowed under.  The woods are very pretty, and the Chuckanut Mountain trail system is a real gem, but these trails are not a true wilderness experience.  I always feel somewhat out of place in my hiking clothes and heavy day pack in the presence of locals who are out walking their dogs or just out stretching their legs and catching a breath of fresh air in their street clothes. 

However close to civilization they are, these woods are beautiful, and Fragrance and Lost Lakes are peaceful and pretty.  We spent time at each lake enjoying the scenery.  Lost Lake seems the more wild of the two lakes, with its lily pads and the liberal amounts of bear scat found if you step a few feet off the beaten path. 

10.5 miles roundtrip Elevation gain:
1800' gain