Goldmyer Hot Springs


FEBRUARY 13 - 14, 2010   We took advantage of the mild winter with this backpack trip to Goldmyer Hot Springs.  Temperatures hovered around 40 day and night, and rain fell intermittently.  The road washed out last year, adding an additional 6 miles to the hike, but it is a gentle grade through lovely woods, with the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River never far away.  A stunning waterfall near the start of the official trailhead would be worth the hike alone, and the river is crystal clear and highly colored.  Along the way we heard the piercing, pure whistles of--marmots, in February?  A mild winter indeed. 

 Although the road is not steep, a long hike on a gravel road is still hard on the feet, and we welcomed the soak in the hot springs at our destination all the more.  We found a secluded campsite ideally situated near the rushing waters of a stream and set up camp before heading up to the springs.  And up the trail goes, gaining 200' in 1/4 mile.  The old growth woods are nothing short of amazing, full of massive trees, and lush with mosses and ferns.  The springs are situated alongside a roaring creek, and we soaked blissfully in these surroundings until after dark.  We ate dinner huddled under a cozy tarp while a steady rain fell, and were tucked away in our tents by 7:30. 

We returned to the springs in the morning before breaking camp and soaked until I, at least, was relaxed past the point of usefulness. Visit for more details about Goldmyer Hot Springs. 

20+ miles roundtrip

minimal gain