Grace Lakes

December 27, 2008  This short, easy snowshoe outing was made more strenuous by having to break trail through deep snow.  The snow was light and powdery, in some places over 2 feet deep.  A light snow fell as we made our way through the beautiful woods and set the tone for a wonderful hike.  Grace Lakes were frozen and buried in snow, so the snow-covered trees were the main attraction on this hike, and they frequently dropped piles of snow all around us.  We stopped for a short lunch break out of the wind, but the snow turned to light sleet and we hurried on our way.  The hike back along the trail we had made through the deep snow was much easier and faster, and we soon found ourselves back at the Mountaineers Lodge. 

Like many of my hikes, the adventure started before the hike began.  A friend and I drove to Stevens Pass the night before and stayed at the Mountaineers Lodge.   Seattle's snowy side streets made the short drive from my home to the main road difficult, and after we reached Stevens Pass, we had to put on chains on so we could reach the upper parking lot.  It was the first time I had used these chains, and the actual application bore no resemblance whatsoever to the demonstration video the manufacturer provided.  I was glad that my friend, a kindred hiking soul from the snowy Midwest, is a fearless driver in winter conditions!  We reached the upper parking lot after a short trial-and-error experience and spent a very pleasant evening in the company of fellow Mountaineers. 

4 miles

600' gain