Green Lake

Chenuis Falls

Mount Rainier National Park

JUNE 8, 2008  A Mountaineers CHS hike.   Sections of the Carbon River Road washed out in the storms of 2006, so the road is now closed at the Ranger Station and there is a 3 mile road hike through beautiful old-growth forest to reach the Green Lake trailhead.  The trail climbs for a mile to reach a side trip to beautiful Ranger Falls, then continues to climb for another half mile before leveling out.  Snow still covers the trail from this point to the final approach, at 1.8 miles, to Green Lake.  The lake was a beautiful deep green mirror for our hike, perfectly still and glassy, but fog obscured the mountains.  Raucous gray jays joined us for lunch, but they shied away when a crow flew past. 

The three of us weren't quite ready to go home when we returned to the trailhead, which is often the case when we hike together.  Chenuis Falls, anyone?  The foot bridges over the Carbon River had just been restored, so we tacked that trail onto our hike and bagged another beautiful waterfall before putting an end to the day. 

 11 miles roundtrip

1500 elevation gain