Haney Meadow / Tronsen Ridge Loop

Trail Nos. 4W312, 1601, 1205

JUNE 23, 2007 - A wildflower hike.  Finding the trailhead was an adventure in itself, as we drove past the Ken Wilcox Horse Camp and Haney Meadow, where we were lucky enough to see a herd of elk, then continued on to where FS Road 9712 disappeared off the edge of the map at the Mt. Lillian Trail, No. 1601.  After turning around and returning almost to Haney Meadow, we found 2 trucks parked at a likely spot for a trailhead, and we parked next to them and set off.  We crossed through meadows and walked right past the trailhead for Tronsen Ridge, Trail No.1204, which we were planning to hike.  As these things usually turn out, though, we had a splendid hike despite the wrong turn, and we enjoyed expansive views of the surrounding mountains, several meadows full of wildflowers, a few lingering patches of snow, and rock formations enough to satisfy any geologist.  We met a group of fellow Mountaineers on the trail, as well as some of our mutual friends, 

On the ridge, the wind plays a major role in shaping the landscape, from amazing rock sculptures to twisted and stunted trees.  The soil is thinner on the ridge, and the wildflowers must be very tenacious indeed to thrive in the harsh environment.  But thrive they do, forming clumps of bright color against the dusty soil. 

We hiked about 5 miles total, with an estimated elevation gain of 500'. 



    Tronsen Ridge Trail No. 1204 - trailhead