Lake Hozomeen


JUNE 2-3, 2007 -  We drove to Hozomeen Campground from Hope, B.C., enjoying beautiful cliffs, snowcapped peaks, a waterfall, Silver Lake, cascading streams and the Skagit River along the 39 mile gravel road to the Hozomeen trailhead.  The weather was warm and dry all weekend, reaching an unexpected 90 degrees when we hiked out late Sunday afternoon.   The first mile and the last 1/2 mile of this trail are moderately steep, but the remainder of the trail wanders through the woods on a more relaxed grade.  The woods are not particularly pretty, but the payoff comes when you reach beautiful Lake Hozomeen, 3.6 miles from the trailhead.  This little lake  nestled at the base of Hozomeen Mountain packs a big "wow."   Deep and clear, the lake reflects the surrounding mountains and takes on a new look with every change in light and shift in wind pattern. 

This trail being deep in the North Cascades, there is a large black bear population, as well as some cougar, gray wolves, and grizzly bears.  We saw lots of bear scat in the woods but not too near the lake, and there was not a glimpse of any creature wilder than the quiet deer that munched its way through our camp site Saturday afternoon.  A pair of loons flew in late Saturday evening, loudly announcing their arrival.  They were joined overnight by a third loon, and the sight of the graceful loons gliding on the mirror surface of Hozomeen Lake on Sunday morning will not soon be forgotten.  The final touch to the weekend was my first wild bear sighting, when a black bear ran across the road in front of us on the drive out.  He was so fast that I couldn't turn my camera on before he disappeared into the woods.  A bear on a mission!  

Add this trail to my list of favorites.  A long trip from Seattle, but well worth the time and effort. 

7.2 miles roundtrip

Elevation gain:  1150'


Waterfall along Silver Skagit Road


Silver Lake


Trail Marker


Deer (Peeking Out from Behind Tree)


Sunday Morning


The Woods


Hozomeen Mountain


Sunday Morning


Saturday Evening


Watchful Deer


Saturday Afternoon


From the Woods


Watching the Loons on Sunday Morning 



Evening Glow