Hurricane Hill

Hurricane Ridge ~ Olympic National Park


DECEMBER 19, 2010  A Mountaineers snowshoe.  We had a short wait at the Heart of the Hills entrance for the road maintenance crew to sand the road and finally arrived at the Hurricane Ridge Visitor Center around 10:30.  The weather was much better than the forecast, and although the temperatures were in the 20's, it didn't feel cold as long as we were in the sun.   The rangers had broken trail along the road to the picnic area where the trail to Hurricane Hill begins.  Instead of following the summer trail, which traverses and switchbacks up steep slopes, we climbed straight up a steep hill and hiked along the top of the ridge.  The ridge becomes very narrow and bordered by cornices in places, and the views are nothing short of amazing.  Another climb up a another steep hill brought us to our destination, where there were views of the Strait and Mount Baker in one direction and a sea of snow-capped peaks in the other.  The snow was very thin in sections of our route, making it challenging to climb and descend some of the steep hills. 

6 miles