Iron Goat Trail



AUGUST 27, 2006  -  Although I have worked on the Iron Goat Trail as a volunteer, this was my first hike on it.  It was a warm, sunny day, and all along the trail we saw indications that summer is drawing to an end.  The air was fragrant with fall scents, and several trees were already in full fall colors.  We hiked just a portion of the trail, from Martin Creek to the Windy Point tunnel and plan a return trip to complete it. 

Built on the site of the old Great Northern Railroad, this trail is a nearly level hike through beautiful woods.  The trail takes its name from the nickname given to the Great Northern locomotives, which climbed mountainous rail line in the Rockies and Cascade mountains and bore the image of a mountain goat standing on a rock.  Along the trail are remnants of the massive snowsheds that one protected the trains from avalanches, a spillway, and numerous artifacts from days gone by.   If you are interested in the history behind the scenes, The Iron Goat Trail:  A Guidebook is well worth the price.  Visit the trailís official website at  for maps and more information.