Lake Twenty-two

Trail No. 702

APRIL 28, 2007  - A solo hike to an alpine lake on a beautiful spring day.  This trail enters a beautiful old-growth forest at the trailhead as it climbs alongside Twenty-two Creek, and there are stunning waterfalls almost at every turn.  Although the trail climbs steadily, it is not steep.  After about 1 1/2 miles, the trail leaves the woods and crosses a talus field via long switchbacks.   The views of the surrounding mountains from the talus slope are breathtaking.  Most of the elevation has been attained by the time this trail leaves the talus field, and it is just a walk in the woods to Lake Twenty-Two from there, which is nestled in a basin on the north flank of Mount Pilchuck. 

There was still a lot of snow on the last 1/4 mile of the trail to the lake, and the lake itself was still partially frozen and rimmed with snow.  Steep cliffs surround this little gem of a lake and form a picture-perfect backdrop for it.   We were lucky enough to witness, from a safe distance, a small avalanche crash down the cliffs on the far side of the lake.  There were lots of people and happy dogs at the lake, including a golden retriever who obviously enjoyed her swim in the frigid water.  It was warm and sunny, and I sat on a boardwalk at the side of the lake for almost an hour before heading home. 

1200' elevation gain - 5.4 miles roundtrip