Sandpoint - Cape Alava Backpack

Earth Day / Beach Cleanup

April 20 - 22, 2007  - A Mountaineers backpack.    It was rainy and cold when we reached the campsite at Sandpoint on Saturday evening.  After setting up camp and eating dinner huddled under a tarp, we fled to the relative warmth of our tents--long before we were ready for sleep.  We woke on Sunday  to ever-brightening skies, when beach cleanup continued after a delightful beach hike to Cape Alava.  Along the way we saw the petroglyphs at Wedding Rocks, and so many bald eagles on the beach, in the trees, in the sky, and on the rocks that we lost count of them.  We also stopped in at a memorial at the site of an ancient Makah Indian village that was buried under a mudslide several hundred years ago.  Laden with trash we collected from the beach, we hiked out on a relatively dry boardwalk under sunny skies.