Little Si


MARCH 31, 2007  - A solo hike on a rainy day.  It was 39 and raining when I left the trailhead at 10:30 a.m., and the parking lot was full.  It was wet, muddy, and foggy, and although I have often said that some of my favorite hikes were in the rain, this hike pushed the limits of my tolerance of foul weather.  Fog obscured all views and lent an eeriness to the landscape, which is filled with large rock slabs, mossy boulder fields, and tall trees.  It did not, however, deter the crowds, and I saw more babies on this rainy hike than I have ever seen on any other trail at one time.  Spring was evident all along the trail, from the singing of birds to new leaves and delicate pink flowers. 

5 miles round trip

1200' elevation gain