Winter Camping

Mt. Baker - Bagley Lakes Area

FEBRUARY 19- 20, 2011  It was cold and sunny for the Mountaineers' Winter Camping course at Mt. Baker this weekend, and there were several inches of fresh powder to snowshoe on.   It was warm in the sun on Saturday, and as long as we stayed in the sun, we were warm enough to shed our insulating layers during the day.  There was a large class this year, and the students successfully dug and slept in 5 snow caves.  The temperature dropped sharply in the late afternoon, and it was a very cold, star-filled night.   It was a bone-chilling 9 degrees when the early risers emerged from tents and caves--so cold that the stoves were difficult to start.  As beautiful as it was this weekend, I was ready to come in out of the cold.