Mount Si

NOVEMBER 23, 2008  It was sunny and cool when I left the trailhead for my first hike of Mount Si.  The trail is steep and well maintained, traveling through dense woods as it climbs steadily up.  I have heard this trail described as a relentless uphill climb, so I was surprised to find that the grade of the trail actually levels out frequently, an endearing feature that provides the upward hiker with a few moments to breathe before it charges steeply up again.  The wind was brisk in the morning, and when the trail finally broke free of the woods near the summit, the wind was fierce and cold.  Light snow dusted the top of Mount Si, and hundreds of boots had trampled it into a slick, icy layer.  This hike boasts views in every direction, but the cold wind prevented anyone from admiring them for more than a few minutes.  I didn't attempt the Haystack, and after a brief rest, I headed back down the trail.  I passed a steady stream of upward bound hikers on my way out, and the parking lot was full when I returned to the trailhead. 

8 miles

3450' elevation gain