Navigation Field Trip

Heybrook Ridge

FEBRUARY 7, 2009  This field trip for my Mountaineers' navigation course could not have been more different from my last field trip in November 2006.  We were instructed to be at the meeting area by 6:45 a.m., and it was still dark when we arrived.  The payoff for getting up so early was a beautiful sunrise on a cold morning.  

It was a clear, sunny day with generous views of the mountains.  I enjoyed the hike through the woods much more this time, and the field trip was much more fun on a sunny day than it was in the dreary rain.  Snow lingered on the trail beyond the lookout tower and covered the area where we practiced taking bearings and story problems, but the clearing where we stopped for lunch and more instruction was sunny and warm.  After lunch we hiked further up the ridge, where we were launched on a cross-country navigation exercise through rugged terrain that still had patches of snow.