Necklace Valley Trail

WTA Work Party

JUNE 28, 2008  The Washington Trails Association hosted this work party for our Mountaineers CHS course on a hot day in June when temperatures soared into the mid-90s.  Wasn't I just hiking on snow a week ago?

We were tasked to hike in about 3 miles to re-route a 50'  section of the trail around a huge mud hole, and I discovered that my karmic duty was to carry buckets of rocks from one part of the woods to another.  The WTA does a good job of making these "parties" fun, and conversation was lively among our CHS/ACHS group.  At the end of the day, our WTA crew leader sent an email to all participants thanking us for our work and telling us that he had never seen such a dirty, sweaty group of volunteers.  We definitely earned our sleep this day!

A good time all in all despite the record breaking heat.