Ozette Loop

Olympic National Park

APRIL 12, 2008 - I set out to Cape Alava on this beautiful day and enjoyed the sunshine so much that I hiked the entire loop trail to Sand Point and back to the trailhead at the Ozette Ranger Station.  Skunk cabbage was blooming, and I also saw trillium and spring beauties.  This trail starts out through old growth rain forest, crosses a prairier, reaches the rocky shores of Cape Alava in 3.2 miles and continues south to where it returns to the forest at Sand Point.  Along the way to Sand Point are many islands, sea stacks, and the petroglyphs at Wedding Rocks.  I heard seals barking in the distance but didn't see them, not even with binoculars, but there were many eagles in the tree tops and on the sea stacks. 

9.2 miles

140' elevation gain