Pacific Crest Trail

Trail No. 2000

Snoqualmie Pass almost to Kendall Katwalk

NOVEMBER 30, 2008  Because the Rattlesnake Mountain trailhead is relatively close to home, I left foggy Seattle late in the morning for my last hike of November.  I changed my hiking plans, however, as soon as I reached the exit and the day suddenly turned sunny and warm.  Why do a winter hike if there was no snow in the Cascades yet?  I headed to Snoqualmie Pass and the Pacific Crest Trail.  The hike to Kendall Katwalk is 5.7 miles one-way, but I was determined to hike as far as I could in my allotted time. 

The trail was snow free for the first two miles, but it was icy as it crossed over a boulder field.  The views along this stretch of the trail were spectacular, but the trail soon returned to the woods and climbed steadily to Kendall Ridge.  It's no secret that I love the ridges, and it this last portion of the trail was like being with a good friend.  As the trail emerged from the woods again, the trail was covered with snow, but the views opened up.  The Katwalk was still about 3/4 of a mile further at 2:00, so I stopped for a short lunch in a large boulder garden to enjoy some of the best views I've seen.  A pair of gray jays flew in to keep me company as I sat staring out at the sea of mountains.  Mount Rainier was backlit, and the sky turned winter-sunset soft.  I was almost 5 miles from the trailhead, so I packed up and hurried back down the trail.  I miss the long hiking hours of summer! 

Approximately 10 miles round trip

2400' elevation gain