Packwood LakeTrail

Trail No. 78

APRIL 25, 2010  There were four of us on this Mountaineers hike to beautiful Packwood Lake.  The weather was, as promised, sunny and warm as we started our hike.  The trail travels on a gentle grade through lovely second growth and old growth forest, with occasional views of Mt. Rainier through cleared areas, but the mountain was not out on our hike to the lake.  There were a few downed trees, a small slide and several small patches of snow covering the trail.  Almost before we knew it, we reached the lake, where the view of snow-capped mountains reflecting in the clear blue water caught us by surprise.  After admiring the view for a few minutes, we continued hiking, passing the old guard station and crossing the outlet stream on a sturdy bridge.  Shortly after the trail junction to Mosquito and Lost Lakes, we stopped for a long, leisurely lunch on the beach.  We returned to the trailhead via the ATV trail, which was not as pretty as the main trail but which boasted generous views of Mt. Rainier and the Cowlitz Valley. 

I must not have recharged my camera battery properly, and the photos I did take did not turn out very well, so I only have a few photos of this hike. 

10 miles

600' gain