Park Butte

Trail No. 603

Elevation 5450' - 7 miles roundtrip

AUGUST 26, 2006  -  A perfect summer day—warm and sunny with a gentle breeze and an occasional cloud.   Huckleberries grow in abundance along the trail and were plump and ripe and easy to pick without stopping.  Delicious!  The trail begins at 3300' and wanders through Schriebers Meadow before beginning a moderately steep, relentless climb via forested switchbacks to the junction with the Scott Paul Trail at 4700’, where the grade becomes more gentle.  The mountain comes into full view shortly afterwards, and the views never stop.   Our favorite vistas included the aptly named Cathedral Crag, a stunning view of Mount Baker from a refreshing tarn, and the breathtaking 360° views from the lookout tower.  Re-crossing the primitive footbridge over Rocky Creek was a little daunting on the return trip and the only less-than-perfect experience of the entire hike.   We are looking forward to a return trip to explore the Scott Paul Trail (#603.1) and Railroad Grade Trail (#603.2).