Pete Lake Trail to the Waterfall

Trail No. 1323

20+  Miles Roundtrip

OCTOBER 21 22, 2006  A backpacking trip to Pete Lake and beyond.   It was a perfect fall weekend, with crisp blue skies and lots of fall color.  We stopped at pretty Pete Lake for a late lunch before heading up towards Spectacle Lake.  Time was not on our side this trip, and we were still hiking up the trail after dark, so we set up camp in a small site just beyond a beautiful waterfall.  A bold little mouse chewed a hole in a pack almost immediately after she set it down.   I heard deer moving about on the trail most of the night, and mice raided our packs for toilet paper. 

 It was a clear, cold night, and temperatures dropped to freezing but warmed up quickly in the morning sunlight.   A cup of coffee, a dish of oatmeal and berries, and we packed up and headed out.  We took the shorter trail to Pete Lake with a primitive stream crossing.   I tried stepping stones and ended up sloshing water into my boots in the last few feet before reaching the bank.