Polallie Ridge Loop

Polallie Ridge Trail #1309, Tired Creek Trail #1317, Service Road, Pete Lake Road #46, Cooper River Trail #1311

SEPTEMBER 6, 2008   It was a cool morning when we started hiking the Polallie Ridge trail, which climbs steeply through open forest and meadows.   It is a lonely trail, and we had it to ourselves.  After reaching a ridge, the trail drops steeply in and out of basins and passes Diamond Lake at 4 Ĺ miles.  The lake is very pretty, so we stopped for a break before continuing on.  We hiked through golden meadows and after one last insanely steep climb, we reached the ridge. We stopped for lunch on a grassy knoll with great views of Mount Stuart, then hiked to the high point of Polallie Ridge.  This spot is the location of a former lookout, now long gone, and has spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. 

We decided to make this a loop hike, so we headed down the Tired Creek trail, which passes through more meadows and more open and airy forests.  We encountered a lone hunter with a rifle slung over his shoulder who told us he was looking for a bear that had been spotted near Pete Lake the day before.  ďBut I havenít been able to find him,Ē he said as he tromped off down the trail.  Score one for the bear.  I hope it got away. 

 We crossed Tired Creek and hiked a service road to the Pete Lake Road, then hiked along the road a short distance to pick up the Cooper River trail.  I donít think Iíve ever enjoyed a river hike more than this one.  The Cooper River trail connects to the Polallie Ridge trail, and soon we were back at our starting point.

 We ended our day with dinner at the Roslyn Cafť, where I had the best sweet potato fries Iíve ever had.  This was a good hike with good friends, and it qualified us for graduation from our CHS class.   

15.4 miles

3900í gain