Rampart Ridge

Mount Rainier National Park


DECEMBER 31, 2007 - A Mountaineers snowshoe tour.  It was a perfect day for this last hike of the year--clear blue sky and powdery, dry snow.  Our initial trip plan to hike at Paradise was thwarted by the late opening of the road, so we set off  clockwise on the Rampart Ridge loop out of Longmire.  An excellent choice, and possibly a better outing than the planned hike would have been.  The trail climbs steadily through beautiful forest where we saw many animal tracks but no animals wilder than the aggressive grey jays who tried to take food right out of our hands at lunch time.  We chose a viewpoint at the top of the ridge for our lunch spot, where the views of the surrounding peaks were amazing.  We had spectacular views of Mount Rainier as we continued our hike.   

4.5 miles

1200' elevation gain