Rattlesnake Mountain

Snoqualmie Point to Stan's Overlook

February 16, 2008  -  After weeks of illness, storms and extreme avalanche conditions, this short hike up to Stan's Overlook on Rattlesnake Mountain felt like a good stretch after a long car ride.  As I strapped my snowshoes onto my backpack at the Snoqualmie Point trailhead two men dressed in tennis shoes and blue jeans looked at me, then looked at each other, and I knew they would be having a good laugh at my expense once they got on the trail.  It was foggy and rainy as I hiked up through mossy woods, and I encountered icy patches on the trail at 1500'.  About that time I met the two men coming back down the trail; they sheepishly admitted that they turned back because they weren't properly dressed for the snowy conditions further up the trail.  "You have the right idea," they told me as they beat a hasty retreat out of the woods.  By 1700', the trail was buried in snow, and I strapped on my snowshoes and headed up to Stan's Overlook and the picnic table above North Bend.  The fog obscured the views, so I enjoyed a brief snack and a cup of coffee before heading back down to the trailhead, saving the trip to Grand Prospect for a day when I had more time. 

3 miles roundtrip

1120' elevation gain