Snow Lake - Gem Lake

Trail No. 1013

OCTOBER 6, 2007  It was 41 and a misty, foggy morning when I left the trailhead, elevation 3100.  Views of the surrounding mountains were obscured, but the fall colors seemed all the more vibrant in the drab weather.  Vine maples and mountain ash glowed with rich color.   About 3 inches of snow alongside the trail around the 4400 level, but the trail was mostly snow free.  A little slushy in spots, but the trail was definitely wet and muddy.  A few other hardy souls were on the trail, including a small Mountaineers group, several muddy dogs with their owners, and an enthusiastic Boy Scout troop that was backpacking to Snow Lake.  Views of the lake were limited by fog, and I did not go beyond Snow Lake. 

6 miles RT

1300' elevation gain