Skyline Lake


APRIL 25 - 26, 2009   Closing out the snowshoe season, our group of 8 backpacked to Skyline Lake at Stevens Pass.  We were thankful that it was too cold to rain this weekend as soft snow fell on Saturday.  After setting up camp, one group hiked up the ridge to views of fog while one group remained behind to build a simple kitchen with views of fog over the lake.  Although temperatures remained at or below freezing for the weekend, spring was evidenced by longer daylight hours and a feeling of expectation in the air.  A plump gray jay that hung around our kitchen swooped in and stole a sizeable chunk of frozen milk chocolate.  My tent was warm and I slept soundly, waking to condensation in the morning. 

The drive on Highway 2 took us from 35 at Stevens Pass to 57 in Monroe in less than an hour.  Newly green trees add depth and dimension to the evergreen woods, and flowering trees are in bloom.  In just a few weeks some of my favorite trails will melt out, and I'm looking forward to picking back up where I left off last fall. 

4 miles roundtrip

1040' elevation gain