Snow Lake - Gem Lake

Trail No. 1013

SEPTEMBER 16, 2006 A solo hike on a rainy day.  It was 42 and raining lightly when I left the trailhead, elevation 3100.  A park ranger at the trailhead cautioned me that it would likely be very cold and possibly snowing at Gem Lake and beyond.  The weather kept the crowds at bay, but there were still about 50 people and several dogs on the trial, and a few hardy groups were backpacking to Gem Lake despite the inclement weather.  The low clouds and occasional showers did not detract from the beauty of this trail or of the lakes, which were breathtakingly blue and surrounded by granite peaks.  Blueberries grow all along the rocky trail, and they were plump and sweet.  There were a few hints of fall color and even a few wildflowers, which I did not expect this late in the season.  A few very brief sun breaks did not warm things up, and it was still only 46 when I returned to my car. 

11 miles roundtrip to Gem Lake

Elevation gain 2450'