Snow Lake ~ Source Lake

Trail No. 1013


NOVEMBER 16, 2008   I had planned to hike Mt. Si on Sunday, a trail good for a workout and close to Seattle.  But the forecast promised sun, and it seemed a shame to waste fine weather on a slog through the woods.  Because I had limited time to hike, I chose Snow Lake, an easy trail that I had hiked before--once in the fog and rain, and once in the fog and snow.  

The first part of the trail climbs through pretty woods on a series of stair steps.  After about 10 minutes the trail leaves the woods, and once out into in the open, this hike bore no resemblance to my previous experiences here.  There were mountains here, and glorious views--who knew?  In no time I reached the saddle above Snow Lake.  The snow-draped tree that hung over the trail last year was gone, and I was surprised to be able to see the lake from this far away.  The trail drops to the lake 400' below via a series of switchbacks with good views almost the whole way down.  There were mountains here, too, and I had to fight the urge to continue hiking to Gem Lake and beyond.  But I had evening plans, so I stopped at the far end of Snow Lake for a short lunch break, where a pica popped up onto the rock right next to me and disappeared quickly with a startled Eek!  I really wasn't ready to stop hiking yet, so I hiked to Source Lake on my way out.  Perhaps this leg of the trail is pretty in the spring, but it had little to recommend it this day other than extending my time on the trail.

8 miles

1700' gain