Spray Park

Elevation 5800' - 6400'

AUGUST 5, 2006 A solo hike from the Mowich Lake area of Mount Rainier National Park.  It was a warm, sunny day when I left the trailhead, elevation 4929' on the Spray Park trail.  The first part of the hike is on a delightful up-and-down trail through beautiful forest, and at every turn you expect to see Hobbits and other mythical creatures of the woods.  The side trip to the Eagle's Roost view point provided a stunning view of the mountain, and the side trip to Spray Falls led to an equally stunning waterfall.  Spray Park is a long meadow that stretches between 5800' and 6400', where you overlook Seattle Park from a ridge.  There was a bear sighting on Mount Pleasant on this day, but by the time I reached the area, he was no more than a black dot running up and over the ridge.  The day was absolutely clear and afforded some of the best views I have seen on Mount Rainier.