Obstruction Point Road

To Steeple Rock


FEBRUARY 23, 2008   A Mountaineers snowshoe.  What is so rare as a sunny day at Hurricane Ridge in February?  The views from the Visitors Center were amazing, but we could see clouds hovering over the Obstruction Point Road, which was our hiking destination.  After taking advantage of the clear skies to take  photos of the peaks and valleys of the Olympic Mountains, we headed out on the unplowed Obstruction Point Road for an easy snowshoe to Steeple Rock.  This trail plunges steeply from the Hurricane Ridge Road and then levels out for the short hike to Steeple Rock.  Along the way we passed gigantic snow sculptures created by the wind, but we were under cloud cover most of the time so the sweeping views were not to be had on this day.  We lunched at a meadow overlooking valleys that were obscured by clouds before returning to the trailhead.  The climb back up to the road was excruciatingly steep but fortunately short. 

3 miles roundtrip

500' elevation gain

Prelude:  Hurricane Ridge Visitors' Center

The Hike to Steeple Rock


Epilog:  Hurricane Ridge Visitors' Center After the Hike