Tronsen Ridge

Trail No. 1204

JULY 7, 2007 - Another wildflower hike on Tronsen Ridge.  What a difference 2 weeks makes!  Since my last hike here 2 weeks ago, someone removed the large blowdown that had been hiding the trail, and flowers have waxed and waned.  We saw too many flowers to list them all here, but some noteworthy displays included Clematis Columbiana, Bitterroot, Skyrocket, Tweedy’s Lewisia, Old Man's Whiskers, and Mariposa Lily.   And, of course, the ever-present Lupine, one of my favorites.  The showy Balsamroot that we saw 2 weeks ago was past prime on this hike, and brilliant Paintbrush was taking over center stage.  A multitude of various butterflies flocked around the flowers in one meadow and presented quite a show of their own. 

The views toward Wenatchee were lovely, but we could see smoke from the recent wildfire in the distance.