Umtanum Creek Canyon


April 27 - 28, 2013  A Mountaineers backpack trip with old friends and new.  The weather was mild but breezy for this easy, early-season backpack trip in Umtanum Creek Canyon.  It was my come-back hike from my distal radius fracture 3 months ago, and I fairly danced down the trail.  Ok, maybe I didn't quite dance, but it was a wonderful first weekend back on the trail.  It was a leisurely weekend, and we camped at the best campsite in the canyon, surrounded by cottonwood trees and the sounds of Umtanum Creek. We stopped by one of the old homestead sites on our hike in to see masses of lilacs in bloom, apple trees in bloom, and an impressive beaver dam.  We saw more snakes on Saturday than I've seen in all of my other combined visits to the canyon, and on Sunday we we lucky enough to see a herd of bighorn sheep.  They were close enough to be seen with the naked eye as they climbed the slope above us.