Wallace Lake ~ Wallace Falls

Wallace Falls State Park

MARCH 22, 2009   Proving once again that some of my favorite hikes are in the rain, I enjoyed this to Wallace Lake on the first weekend in spring.  I hiked the Woody Trail, Small Falls loop trail, then up the steep cross over trail to the DNR road and up the Greg Ball Trail to the lake.  It was cold and rainy, and the snow covered the trail as I neared the lake.  On the last ľ mile stretch, the rain turned to snow, and still the birds sang onódefying winter with their song.  They know itís spring!

I began hiking to Pebble Beach with thoughts of extending my hike to nearby Jay Lake, but just before I reached the beach, I decided Iíd had enough of the cold, wet weather.  I stopped for a snack and clothing adjustment in a sheltered area where the trees grew thick, then headed through the snowy woods  to Wallace Falls.  On the return hike down the Woody Trail I found wildflowers in bloom, so the birds were right:  itís spring. 

I'm sad to see that Wallace Falls State Park is on the list of parks that may be closed due to revenue woes.  This park has some of the best winter hiking trails in Western Washington. 

13 miles