JUNE 6, 2010  A Mountaineers CHS hike along the North Fork of the Skokomish River in the Staircase Rapids of Olympic National Park.  It was cool and threatened us with showers as we set off on this hike to Camp Pleasant.  The trail climbs gently through woods that were pretty enough on an early day in June, but which really shine in the fall.   Our destination was Camp Pleasant, but I stopped off at Spike Camp while the rest of the group continued to Big Log Camp.  We often overlook the strange and wonderful things growing in miniature under the canopy of the giants, and I took time to look at the details of this vast forest.   The unfurling ferns always remind me of Dr. Suess, and in the lush woods I half-expected to see Hobbits and Trolls and Fairy folk.  Long before I expected my group to return, I heard the leader calling out:  "Marco" and saw the group coming round a bend.